Insights influencing new consumer behaviour

All our strategic and creative work is driven by trends and insights.

We have our finger on the pulse of culture and produce trends and insights reports that inform the creative output of our agency, helping the brands we work with to stay relevant to consumers and always a step ahead of the competition.

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Show Me Issue 6 Promo Image

Show Me Issue 6

This year we’ve focused on two sectors close to our hearts: Serious Snacks, and Winning Drinks. Download to gain insight into the world of snacks, learn how your drinks brand can win like gin, and read interviews with industry experts.

Webinar: How to Win like Gin Promo Image

Webinar: How to Win like Gin

In our first webinar, How to Win like Gin, we took a look at how and why gin has dominated the drinks industry, and what your drinks brand can learn from this. Click to download the full recording and takeaway summary.

Inside the mind of the post-pandemic consumer Promo Image

Inside the mind of the post-pandemic consumer

We highlight 5 key consumer trends that we think will contribute to the new consumer landscape as well as opportunities for brands.

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From positioning to naming, to product, to packaging and place, we imagined what the first British cannabis brand could look like.

Show Me Issue 5 Promo Image

Show Me Issue 5

Focusing on how consumers spend their downtime, we drew insight from the bespoke research we commissioned with over 2,000 participants across Great Britain.

Food trends 2019 Promo Image

Food trends 2019

From biohacked snacks to prescription nutrition, we explore a few key trends that will shape up the global food sector in the future.

Drinks trends 2019 Promo Image

Drinks trends 2019

Download this report to discover the main consumer trends shaping up the global drinks category in the next few years.

Show Me Issue 4 Promo Image

Show Me Issue 4

We delve into the cannabis sector, the macro consumer trends that are driving behavioural change in this fast emerging category and the implications for brands.

Show Me Issue 3 Promo Image

Show Me Issue 3

Trust - a much over-used word that isn’t going anywhere. We explore how consumer behaviour is changing and what this means for brands.

Show Me Issue 2 Promo Image

Show Me Issue 2

In our second edition of ‘Show Me’ we focus on the fundamental belief that design is not a passive part of the creative process; it can play an active role in influencing and shifting people’s behaviour.

The Rise of NOLO Promo Image

The Rise of NOLO

It has been widely reported that the proportion of young people choosing to drink alcohol is the lowest on record. We investigate the factors influencing this change in behaviour and the impact on drinks brands.

Show Me Issue 1 Promo Image

Show Me Issue 1

For our first edition of ‘Show Me’, our bi-annual publication, we focus around the changing face of retail, where it is and where it’s going.