Powering Potential
QA Marketing materials green and arrow.
Not just providing skills, but changing lives, QA is the top training provider in the UK. We updated their brand positioning and identity to reflect the human heart of the business.

Unlocking untapped potential

QA is the UK’s leading training provider, over 2,100 employees’ and clients including Google, Microsoft and Oracle. In contrast to their inspirational training programs, QA’s brand was dated, stuffy and needed a new direction.

Missouri cut through complexity to identify a simple, strategically-robust positioning that reflects the true value of the product at the heart of QA's business.

Finding human stories at the core of the business

We dived into the business and culture of QA, conducting a series of stakeholder workshops and interviews. Pairing this with audits of both QA and its competitors, we identified the soul of QA: the intensely human stories at the heart of the learner experience.

Capitalising on this insight as the brand’s differentiating factor, we defined the new brand platform: Powering Potential, positioning QA as a progressive, learner-focused brand for the future. 

Strategically founded, comprehensively executed

For such a complex business, the execution needed to be engaging, approachable and flexible for application. From a logo refresh to brand tone of voice to a comprehensive design toolkit, we reinvigorated every touchpoint. The brand design overhaul was founded on a new, bold, and modern colour scheme.

Reflecting the diversity and breadth of the vast numbers of QA learners. We also introduced an arrow in infinite styles as a key visual asset and symbol of continuous personal improvement.