The power of doing it differently
As Honda’s European lead BTL agency, we were tasked with launching their latest models with new design across dealerships and online touchpoints.

Designing our ‘Our Car, Your Story’ platform, we balanced Honda’s individual car qualities with the ‘what’s in it for me?’ customer attitudes. Simplifying the tech talk and leaning into lifestyle photography, to connect with the individual consumer.

The dynamic driver’s hybrid hatchback

Initially conceived as a modern compact, the Civic rose to meteoric prominence via its stylish, sporty flair. Redesigning the comms to reflect the model, we launched the ‘dynamic driver’s hybrid hatchback’ to a new, younger audience, creating the first day-to-night Honda lifestyle campaign.
Honda Photoshoot.
Honda Brand Guidelines.
Honda Civic Photoshoot.
Honda Civic Brand guidelines.
Honda Civic Photoshoot.
Known as the ‘ingenuity of engineering’, the fuel-efficient racer needed a new image. Continuing our redesign of the range, we hit the Spanish mountains for a lifestyle shoot. With performance as a major selling point, we focused on dynamic exterior shots in dramatic landscapes. The spacious full leather interior and advanced technology were also a reason to buy, so cut to our talent's aspirational home in the hill for a selection of enticing interior shots.
Honda CR-V Brand guidelines.
Honda CR-V photoshoot.
Honda CR-V Landscape photoshoot.
Honda CR-V family photoshoot.
Honda CR-V family photoshoot.

The self-charging SUV that energises your life

With forward-orientated lines and smooth surfaces, the HR-V embodies Honda’s clean modern philosophy. Introducing the self-charging hybrid to an environmentally conscious audience, we shot the lifestyle campaign in a mix of countryside and city locations. Unpacking the product features to tell the value story.
Honda HR-V.
Honda HR-V Brochure.
Honda family HR-V photoshoot.
Honda HR-V Brand guidelines.
Honda HR-V Parked in driveway.
Honda HR-V brand campaign billboard.
Honda HR-V photoshoot.

The hatchback with racing in its DNA

Engineered for power, Honda’s high-performance hatchback needed a look and feel to match its energy. Reigniting the fire amongst driving enthusiasts, we adapted the photography and visual tonality with a sleek racing style to show off the turbocharge.
Honda Civic Type-R photoshoot brand guidelines.
Honda Civic Type-R brochure.
Civic Type-R Wheel detail.
Honda Civic Type-R Number detail.
Honda Civic Type-R Interior.
Honda Civic Type-R racing photoshoot.
Honda Civic Type-R static rear.