1128 by Grimbergen

Heavenly brews on earth.
A modern brand for an ancient craft.
'1128 by Grimbergen' rises from the Abbey.

Next generation monastic brewing

In 2024, Grimbergen were to launch a new state of the art microbrewery at the 896 year old Grimbergen Abbey.

Our task was to create a premium craft brand for the new Abbey range, brewed by the Norbertine monks in the new brewery. The challenge was to ensure clear differentiation from the core Grimbergen brand, whilst still building brand equity, creating a halo effect for the broader portfolio.

Craft beyond tradition

To find a sweet spot for the brand that was recognisably Grimbergen, and sufficiently differentiated, premium and modern to motivate today's consumers to trade up, we immersed ourselves in the world of Grimbergen. We spent quality time visiting the Abbey, talking to the monks and very happily tasting a few brews.

A thorough audit of semiotics of both the Craft and Belgian beer categories allowed us to leverage them creatively, steer clear of cliché and position the brand with care.

From all of this, we divined a creative platform ‘The Legacy of Brewing’, connecting 896 years of history to an evolving and increasingly discerning beer enthusiast.

A new era of beer

Building a premium brand requires refined design. The new bottle shape is rooted in the semiotics of the wine category, whilst the gold foil details on the label and master brewer’s stamp suggest a high-end beer that stands apart from the rest.

We named the range ‘1128 by Grimbergen’, linking the new microbrewery to the Abbey’s brewing history, while an updated version of the phoenix logo casts a golden glow onto the overall brand. A hand-drawn illustration of the Abbey grounds the brand in authenticity and a sense of place.