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Show Me What's Hot: Picnic designs and innovations

Life’s no picnic, but we always bring the sandwiches.

With summer days making an appearance, picnic season is finally upon us. We’ve put together a delicious spread of brands and businesses that are putting their best fork forward for the occasion. Naturally, as the cost-of-living weighs heavy on people’s minds, elevating outdoor eating acts as the perfect intermediary between restaurants and eating at home.

So, get ready to pack your basket and read to discover the latest trends, design and innovation for this edition of Show Me What’s Hot.

A hot innovation for the sharers

Generation Snack
Image by Generation Snack

Crisp share bags seem like a good idea until you’re elbow deep into a packet with crisp flakes on your arm. Generation snack have created a crisp protective box that doubles as a serving tray, so you don’t have to eat out of a foil bag. Perfect for the picnic sharing experience.

A hot trend for the pampered pooch​

Image by Springer

With a barking £24.5 billion being spent on dogs every year in the UK, it’s no surprise the picnic blanket extends to our beloved pooches. Springer is the ‘smart essential for the dog who’s always invited’. Designed with sustainability in mind, the bottles allow dogs to drink fresh water from the attached bowl without wasting a drop. (The basins even come in different bottle sizes to match the size of your dog). We love the design and the stylish ‘walk system’ (matching accessories) that come with.

A hot design for a pocket cocktail

Image by Amour

Described as the original pocket cocktail, Amour Liquide is the perfect palm-sized tipple. Made with the finest ingredients and a ring pull lid creating an instant on-the-go cup, love is most certainly in the can.

A innovation for the ice cream lovers

Ferrero rocher
Image by Ferrero Rocher

As mochi balls continue to steal space on the freezer shelf, Ferrero Rocher have come up with their own tiny round ice-cream bites. With its nutty chocolatey exterior and creamy hazelnut filling, the ice cream sticks are their latest nutty evolution.

A hot trend for picnics with friends

Image by Camden Town Brewery

No strangers to bringing brand to every corner, the Camden Town Brewery picnic pack comes with everything you need to enjoy your beer in style. A handy cooling tote, cozy picnic blanket and 24 of their best-selling ales, all in signature punchy, graphic Camden style. Ditch the lukewarm beers and raise Hells at the picnic.

Show me a hot design to sit in style ​

Image by 4living

You might get some funny looks bringing your Eames to the park, but what to do for the design buff who just can’t sit comfortably on the grass? Enter the 4living chair. Boasting a sleek, design-forward look that folds into an easy-to-transport option for all your outdoor adventures. Plus, with its built-in back support, you can soak up the sun all day long without any stiffness.

A hot brand the trending cup

Image by Stanley

What’s going on with this trend can only be described as a storm in a Stanley cup. The tumbler taking TikTok by storm, is reaching resale values of up to £200. (Originally priced at $34). Fitting to transport your hot tea or cool cocktails to the picnic, this is one hot ticket tumbler to nab.

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