Tinnitus UK

Support. Research. Prevent.
Rebranding the UK’s only tinnitus-focused charity with its first refresh since 1970.

Strategy first

Working with the British Tinnitus Association, we deep-dived the brand, the causes, the symptoms, and the 7.6M people suffering from tinnitus in the UK.
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Tinnitus UK rebrand posters.
Tinnitus UK brochure design.
Tinnitus UK rebrand tote bag.

Showing brands how to show up

Making some bold strategic recommendations, we overhauled the brand with a new mission and vision, updating the design, and changing the name to Tinnitus UK.

Carefully selecting our colour palette to ensure it was accessible for those with visual impairments, we created a dynamic new identity to stand out in digital and social channels.

Redesigning the logo, we elevated the double ‘N’ to represent sound waves, disrupted the core to show how tinnitus interrupts unexpected moments, and finished with a safe and solid edge to represent the relief Tinnitus UK brings to those suffering.
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