Snow + Rock

A shrine to performance
We were brought in to revamp the Snow + Rock flagship store and bring to life the technical know-how and pioneering spirit that has always been at the heart of the brand’s ideology.

Embodying a pioneering spirit

From a weekend in Morzine to climbing Mount Everest, Snow + Rock is the one-stop shop for winter-sports clothing and all year round specialist gear. Snow + Rock’s pioneering spirit has always been at its core, and its store experience needed to reflect the excitement of getting outdoors.

We were challenged to overhaul the out-of-town flagship store, revamping the shopping experience from its previous transactional interior. Much like great technical gear, the store experience needed to be an exercise in form stylishly following function.

Steering clear of cliché

The current store had lots of space and lots of potential, but it needed a vision. We wanted to create a shopping experience that captured the excitement of winter sports and getting outdoors, while steering clear of clichéd theatrical alpine whimsey.

First, we created a large atrium, opening the space up and creating dynamic sight lines across the store and helping customers navigate the vast product range. Adding ticker-tape screens running throughout the store with updates of the real-time weather conditions on the slopes, we brought the outdoors indoors.

A shrine to performance

Bringing our vision for the flagship Snow + Rock store to life was no small task. We produced a comprehensive production documentation for everything from the cladding on the outside of the store to visual merchandising principles – we touched every interaction in the shopper journey.

We brought product tech-specs to the forefront and tapped into the expertise and passion of their super-knowledgeable staff. Altogether, the new Snow + Rock store is a shrine to performance, and the ultimate all year round destination for outdoor enthusiasts.