Relighting an icon
A brand already ingrained in cultural moments throughout history, Rizla challenged us to distil its audacious essence and develop the next phase of its future as a lifestyle brand for a new generation.

Rizla’s role in culture and lifestyle

While the name Rizla is iconic, with over 130 years of history behind it, the world’s no. 1 rolling paper and filter brand needed a total identity refresh.

Building on the unapologetic, take-no-prisoners attitude of the brand, we repositioned Rizla as a lifestyle brand for a generation facing life’s challenges head-on.

An icon of good times

A lifestyle brand is more than a name, it taps into a cultural movement. We explored the storied history of Rizla to tease out exactly what attitudes, values and aspirations light up the Rizla consumer.

Taking a bold strategic route, we created a design philosophy that captures the essential qualities of Rizla. Inspired by a product that is the gateway to experiences, we created the ‘Power of +’ platform. A challenging, quirky and contemporary brand world where 1+1=3.  

Unapologetically disruptive

Our brand philosophy is built on the idea that colliding two things can add up to something greater. The ‘Power of +’ liberates and amplifies Rizla’s iconic + asset and turns up the volume on a brand that has always been a part of counterculture. It’s not for everyone and it’s not intended to be – those who get it, get it.

The new brand world and tone of voice have been rolled out across all brand communication and touch points and have even inspired a streetwear collaboration with skate brand Unknown.