Open Sunshine
A heritage Italian aperitivo, Crodino needed an updated identity to target a younger consumer and become the go-to non-alcoholic aperitif, globally.

Saying ‘yes’ to ‘no’

Launched in 1965, Crodino is an Italian, non-alcoholic aperitivo. Known for its bittersweet taste and formulated from a blend of fifteen botanicals and herbs, the secret recipe has been unchanged since day one.

Well-loved in its Italian home, but little known elsewhere, Crodino needed a cohesive new brand visual identity to provide a springboard for global growth and to appeal to Gen Z consumers. Carving out a creative territory that is unique and ownable in the aperitivo and spritz landscape, we constructed the Crodino brand universe.

Finding little moments of joy

Our target consumers are living in an increasingly complex world, young consumers are looking for some respite from the doom and gloom, some escapism from the mundane. We saw a space for Crodino to own – providing little moments of joy.

We developed the brand creative platform ‘Open Sunshine,’ leaning into positivity and letting in the light. The platform is built upon four core creative principles, founded on existing key brand assets and personality, all injected with a hint of a 70s feel good vibe.

Creating an urban oasis

The gentle humour and innate Italian style of Crodino are brought to life at every touchpoint. Picking out the iconic Crodino bottle cap shape and repurposing it as a sun motif, we could quite literally bring the energy of summer anywhere. Colliding different font weights and styles, we created a charming and playful typographic style, while bold, repetitive 1970s-inspired patterns cue an iconic era of Italian design.

Activation events transform urban environments into vibrant and refreshing spaces, encouraging customers to break free from the everyday and open sunshine.