Getting into the spirit of London
Beefeater Gin bottle line up
Distilling 200 years of London heritage into a new brand world for the Urban Explorer, we created 'The Spirit of London'.

A world of flavour

Retaining the brand’s British depth, and capturing the zeitgeist of current London, we embodied the 'now' of Beefeater.

Designing every element with a nod to urban life, we kept the original inspiration of ‘The London Brick’ (it’s an icon after all), updating the typeface, colour palette, design, and crafting new illustrations to modernise the brand.

Building our brand world to launch every flavour.
Beefeater Gin emblem
Beefeater Gin merchandise
Beefeater Gin peach wallpaper
Beefeater Gin peach signifier
Beefeater Gin blackberry
Beefeater Gin blackberry brand guidelines
Beefeater Gin Lemon signifier
Beefeater Gin Lemon Summer bar pop-up
Beefeater Gin brand world social media recipe

No one drinks gin in the winter, until now.

Introducing gin as a winter serve, we reimagined festive drinking with the ultimate Christmas cocktail experience.

Launching Fire Eater – our cinnamon infused hot serve with toasted marshmallows – we created the Beefeater Winter Market. A Christmas activation, themed around various London locations, with highly shareable and sociable moments of consumption, across multiple touch points.
Beefeater Gin Fire Eater festive campaign
Beefeater Gin Festive brand cmapaign
Beefeater Gin Festive visual merchandise
Beefeater Gin london festive billboard for fire eater campaign
Beefeater Gin Fire Eater festive jumper
Beefeater Gin Fire Eater festive packaging creation
Beefeater Gin social media recipe tutorial
Beefeater Gin festive fire eater gift set.
Beefeater Gin festive dog.
Beefeater Gin festive jumper.
Beefeater Gin fire eater festive pop-up stall.
Beefeater Gin Fire Eater festive clothing.
Beefeater Gin Fire Eater festive market pop-up.

Recipe included

To help Beefeater get a slice of summer, we created Beefeater Ginita. A remix of refreshingly simple gin cocktails (mixing Granita with gin), for bar or home BBQ. Launching globally, we built a 360° campaign toolkit, with trade, digital and social assets, influencer kits and pop-up experiences.
Beefeater Gin Ginita recipe card.
Beefeater Gin Ginita billboard.
Beefeater Gin Ginita party.
Beefeater Gin Ginita social media post.

The art of gin

In a category that rarely does limited editions, we collaborated with London-based mural artist Lakwena, remodelling our bottle and packaging, with a 360° campaign capturing the attention of the Urban Explorer with vividly different design.
Beefeater Gin Lakwena party.
Beefeater Gin Lakwena.
Beefeater Gin Lakwena merchandise.
Beefeater Gin Lakwena graphic.
Beefeater Gin Lakwena posters.
Beefeater Gin Lakwena graphic.