Our whisky, your way
Ballentine's cocktail on blue table with lighting.
Partners since 2020, we have worked with Ballantine’s on projects across their portfolio, from developing their overall brand platform to partnerships with music legends.

Whisky how you want it

For consumers not familiar with the drink, the world of whisky can appear impenetrable and intimidating. We were asked by Ballantine’s to develop a platform that breaks category norms and would make whisky more accessible for those who wouldn’t typically choose the drink.

Building on their 'True Drinks' platform, we developed on- and off-trade toolkits that brought their ‘whisky for everyone’ brand essence to life. We created the ‘our whisky, your way’ concept, inviting consumers to indulge in whisky however best suits them.
Ballantines theres no wrong way to mix stay true key visual.

Whisky that rocks

Inspired by their 'Stay True' motto. Ballantine's has partnered with icons of the music industry (fellow pioneers and breakers of boundaries) for their True Music platform.

For the first True Music partnerships, Ballantine's worked with AC/DC and Queen to create limited edition packs of their finest whisky. We created global toolkits for on-and-off trade touch points, incorporating each band's iconic assets and giving consumers a backstage pass to a legendary collaboration that rocks.
Ballantines true music icons ACDC and Queen influencer packs red and blue.
Ballantines true music icons ACDC bottle glorifier red and black
Ballantines true music icons Queen bottle glorifier gold and blue
Ballantines true music icons ACDC and Queen collaboration toolkit overview
Ballantines true music icons ACDC influencer gift pack red
Ballantines true music icons Queen influencer gift pack blue

Bringing da' ruckus

The inaugural drop in Ballantine’s ongoing ‘RZA Presents’ series was for the dedicated audiophiles. We collaborated with Ballantine’s, Highsnobiety and Crosley to design a custom limited edition record player and Bluetooth speaker.

Our design was inspired by RZA’s trailblazing spirit, incorporating some of his classic quotes and inspiration, and featuring RZA’s own hands in the iconic Wu-Tang Clan hand symbol on the slipmat. Immediately successful, the record players first drop sold out in less than a month.
Ballantines whisky RZA crosley record player dust cover and speaker

Enhancing gamers' experiences

With the explosive growth of the gaming industry, Ballantine’s saw an opportunity to become gamers’ whisky of choice. We’ve worked on the partnership with cult game Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

At the Major Championships (The E-Sports equivalent of The World Cup), we developed an immersive bar and viewing space based on the game’s most popular map Dust 2, where fans could feel as though they had stepped through the screen.