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Welcome to our new joiners

Meet Holly, Ruby and Sofia, already making an impact at Missouri!

Interesting fact: I love to crochet in my spare time, anything from jumpers and blankets to bags and earrings!

Favourite drink: alcoholic: Pina Colada, non-alcoholic - water (with lots of ice).

Dream brand to work with: I think Spotify would be a really cool brand to work with.

Favourite campaign: The recent McDonalds 'The Meal' Mental Health Awareness Week campaign is such a simple yet cleaver idea with a really important message behind it! McDonalds always have great digital marketing.


Interesting fact: my favourite solo hobbies are film photography and watching documentaries. I love to learn about the world.

Favorite drink: alcoholic: Spicy Mango Margarita, non-alcoholic: Has to be a Diet Coke

Dream brand to work with: Disney or Netflix

Favourite campaign: Heinz X Lick - Heinz’s iconic red colour was made into a paint. I love the concept: advertising it as a way to 'bring Heinz ketchup into your home like never before', but also my favourite colour is red.


Interesting fact: I used to skate on ice and performing on shows around my hometown playing different characters in Sister Act, Harry Potter, and Grease.

Favourite drink: alcoholic: Aperol Spritz, non-alcoholic: Coke Zero

Dream brand to work with: I would say every crafted jewellery brands, I am obsessed with original and handmade jewellery. My favourite one is Simuero.

Favourite campaign:’ Don’t buy this jacket’ by Patagonia in the occasion of Black Friday to encourage customers to think before buying.