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Exploring the world of design, a work experience opportunity with Bhavya

We recently had the pleasure of hosting a work experience student Bhavya, a lovely young woman who was eager to learn about the world of design. Bhavya met some of our team at her school careers fair and felt inspired. We were more than happy to give her a glimpse into the exciting world of design and branding.During her time with us, Bhavya was introduced to some of our brands (keeping it PG of course). We showed her how we work and what we create for our clients. We gave Bhavya understanding of the design process and how we bring our clients’ visions to life.

The Brief

As part of her experience, we gave Bhavya the task of creating a new energy drink brand. Bhavya experienced first-hand what it’s like to work on a branding project from start to finish. It was a great opportunity to put her creativity and design skills to the test.

Bhavya approached the task with enthusiasm and professionalism. She took the time to research the energy drink market and the target audience, understanding their preferences and needs. She then worked on creating a brand that would appeal to this audience, considering factors such as the brand name, logo, packaging, and advertising.

After a few days, Bhavya presented her new energy drink brand to us. We were impressed by her approach and attention to detail. Her branding concept was well thought out, visually appealing, and had a clear message that resonated with the target audience.

Overall, Bhavya’s time with us was a great success. We look forward to seeing where her talents take her in the years to come.

Introducing… 6AM


Here is what Bhavya had to say about her experience:

“I really enjoyed my time with Missouri Creative, it was a memorable experience. I was sat down with the task of creating my own brand, something I had never done before, but everyone was so friendly and welcoming that I quickly learnt my way around things, and not to mention how amazing the atmosphere is in the office! Thank you Missouri Creative, I can’t wait to come back in the future!”

For work experience enquiries send us an email to studio@missouri-creative.com, with your name, school, time of desired placement and message of interest.