Waitrose In-store communication

Our projects for Waitrose have included the Brand Price Match campaign and, most recently, a complete rethink of the in-store communication hierarchy.

Designed to turn the customer experience into a journey of discovery, we re-engineered the traditional supermarket layout by re-zoning the store from the shopper’s perspective: buying groceries was transformed from a duty into a delight.

By figuring out what a customer wants to see and when they want to see it, we created a strategy that would deliver the right message, at the right time, in the right location – making for a more pleasant environment that also encourages increased spending. Waitrose has long been known as a supermarket that prides itself on excellent service, and our rezoning project cements its reputation as a brand that puts the customer first.

Providing a physical manifestation of Waitrose’s attributes – creating a calm yet inviting space in which to do your grocery shopping – works on two levels: it makes a more welcoming environment for shoppers, while also subtly reinforcing the brand values that first made the supermarket famous.