The Good News Brand: Week One

The Coronavirus pandemic is putting tremendous pressure on governments, businesses and people everywhere.

Tackling this crisis is a massive challenge, but one that we can overcome together.

Each day we are seeing more and more people acting for the better of society as a whole, rather than themselves individually.

Brands are rising to the occasion too – galvanising their consumers and looking after their community. This has inspired us to shed light onto some of their acts of altruism in these hard times.

In the midst of so much doom and gloom online right now, we invite you to take a break and enjoy a bit of good news for a change.

1) LVMH has instructed its perfume and cosmetics division to prepare its facilities to produce hand sanitiser to help the French authorities to deal with the Coronavirus outbreak. Brands such as Dior, Guerlain and Givenchy have all started producing it from March 16th.

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2) Our long time client, Jameson Whiskey, true to their motto – ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ – has pledged to donate $500k to the United States Bartenders’ Guild charity, and help bartenders across the country suffering the consequences from declining numbers of customers.

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3) Pret-A-Manger is giving free hot drinks and offering a 50% discount on everything else to all NHS workers as a thanks for their incredible effort during this crisis.

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4) Supermarkets across the UK have been launched into coronavirus chaos. So Asda decided to open from 8am to ensure that the most vulnerable could not only buy supplies, but also avoid all unnecessary risk of infection through contact with the general population.

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5) There’s a lot being discussed about the impact from lockdowns and self-isolation on people’s mental health. To help with that, Headspace now features a section called ‘Weathering the Storm’ that is free for everyone. Free subscription is also available to all healthcare professionals, in an effort to help them cope with stress.

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