IQOS Opens 4th London Store

IQOS Opens 4th London Store

Philip Morris has opened London’s 4 IQOS store in High Street Kensington. Prior to the release of IQOS, the company had never opened a retail store in the UK.

The space has been designed to educate smokers on Philip Morris’ heated tobacco technology, and provide them with more information on IQOS products.

It employs a mixture of digital and feature displays to engage shoppers and trigger their sense of discovery, and makes use of a highly-trained staff that promptly offers guided-trials and offers tips on how to make the switch from smoking regular cigarettes to IQOS.

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The new retail space is interesting because it sends a clear message about how Philip Morris is now shifting their focus from regular cigarettes to pursue what it’s calling ‘a smoke-free future’.

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Beside education, which is by far the most crucial element of the experience, the store also offers a high-level of personalisation – shoppers can choose from a vast array of colours to make devices and accessories more unique to them, and even emboss personal messages onto the products they’re buying.

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