Sonos Opens First Flagship Store

Audio company Sonos has just opened its first flagship store, and the concept for the design is centred in the fact that most Sonos’ listening experiences take place at home. The 4,200 sq ft store in New York’s Soho features several different home settings – listening rooms – designed to give shoppers the opportunity to experience products as they normally do. ‘Each room has been acoustically designed to replicate a great home listening environment’, says Giles Martin, Sound Experience Leader at Sonos. To enhance the experience and create a store where shoppers can completely relax to simply appreciate music, Sonos commissioned artwork from local artists with strong music connections to feature in all listening rooms. Throughout the entire store, original artworks celebrate music culture and curation – including a collection of rare cassette tapes owned by famed musician Thurston Moore, and an installation piece made of 297 speakers and called ‘Wall of Sound,’ designed to capture the attention and incite the curiosity of people looking through the glass windows from outside.